Can you camp at Wireless Festival?

Can you camp at Wireless Festival? There is no campsite at Wireless, and all festival-goers will be required to leave the festival after the music has finished.

Do you sleep at Wireless Festival?

Coaches drop you close to the event festival site before music starts and will get you home at the end of the night, you won’t miss any of the action. In fact, you can sleep all the way home!

What can you take into Wireless Festival?

You can take snacks into the festival for your own consumption. No drinks will be admitted on site. Empty plastic bottles of any size will be permitted for refilling at our water points. Please don’t bring any alcohol, glass or metal containers/bottles of any sort.

Does Wireless Festival have tents?

Access to the private furnished hospitality tent and garden. Unlimited complimentary bar. Serving wine, beer, cider, house spirits & soft drinks.

Can you take alcohol to Wireless Festival?

It is possible to bring your own food and drink into the festival although no alcohol is permitted and soft drinks must be in containers of less than 500ml. You can’t bring cool boxes or picnic bags onto site either although you can bring a small bag and/or rucksack with you.

Does Wireless Festival sell out?

The festival is SOLD OUT.

How long does wireless last?

Wireless Festival
Dates 5–7 July 6–8 July 3–5 July
Location(s) 2005–2012: Hyde Park, London 2006–07: Harewood House 2013: Olympic Park, London 2014: Perry Park, Birmingham 2014–2019: Finsbury Park 2021: Crystal Palace Park 2022: Crystal Palace Park, London Finsbury Park, London NEC, Birmingham
Years active 2005–present

Can you bring water to wireless?

How do I prepare for Wireless Festival?

5 Essentials to Pack for The Wireless Festival

  1. Basics. If you are an avid festival goer we know you got this down to a T.
  2. Clothing. Always be prepared for the weather.
  3. Luggage. Be smart when you packing in luggage.
  4. Toiletries. Always ensure that you are clean and fresh.
  5. Extras.

Should I let my 16 year old go to Reading festival?

We welcome all ages to the festival. However, there are entry restrictions for under 16s and we do advise not bringing young children. Anyone 15 and under must be accompanied by a ticket holder over 18 years old at all times.

Can you camp at wireless Birmingham?

Can you camp at Wireless Festival? No, Wireless is not a camping festival and all attendees will be asked to leave the site at the end of the event.

Can you bring alcohol into Wireless Festival?

What do tiers mean at Wireless Festival?

There are four different types of tickets you can get for any location, they are: Weekend- 3 Day (Tier 1) – buy here. Weekend- 2 Day (Tier 1) – buy here. Day Ticket (Tier 1)- buy here.

Is there food at wireless?

i) Food and drink will be available for purchase at the event. A challenge 21 policy will be in place for all alcohol sales on site. j) We are operating a no big bag policy and bags larger than A4 sized will not be permitted. Please see website for further details.

What does Wireless Festival involve?

The Wireless Festival is a rap music festival that takes place every year in London, England. It is owned and managed by Live Nation. While it started as primarily a rock and pop festival, in recent years it has focused on hip hop and other urban music….

Wireless Festival
Genre Hip Hop
Dates 5–7 July 6–8 July 3–5 July

Do metal detectors detect flasks?

Ingenious sporting-good-shaped flask method! — hybrid glove/flask is essentially the only thing you need to bring your precious liquor to a baseball game, it will even pass through a metal detector.

Can metal detectors detect alcohol?

There is essentially no need to bring anything else with you for your precious liquor, as the glove/flask will even pass through metal detectors.

How do you sneak alcohol into a festival camp?

15 Ways to Sneak Alcohol into a Music Festival (or Anywhere)

  1. Sunscreen & Lotion Bottles – Apply liberally into bloodstream.
  2. Water Bottles – The classic switcheroo.
  3. Football “Accidentally” Thrown over the Fence.
  4. Cigar Flask – Sneak your liquor AND cigars in.
  5. Gummy Bears – Gummies will leave them dummies.

What does tier 3 tickets mean?

For example, if you want to visit on a Tuesday in May, you’ll be able to save some money and buy a lower-tiered ticket than if you’re looking at a Saturday in June. I see that you’re interested in visiting on June 23rd, and you’re exactly right. A Tier 3 Ticket will be valid for that day!

What is tier1 tier2 tier3?

• Tier 1 – Partners that you directly conduct business with. • Tier 2 – Where your Tier 1 suppliers get their materials. • Tier 3 – One step further removed from a final product and typically work in raw materials.

Is there camping at Wireless Festival?

There’s no camping at Wireless (and no horrible shower queues or muddy tents!), but why would you need that? With a load of tube lines and bus routes going to Finsbury Park, getting to and from the festival couldn’t be easier.

How do I get to Wireless Festival?

Getting to Wireless Festival is easy. For Crystal Palace, you’ll need to take the London Overground or train to Crystal Palace Station or Penge West Station from central London terminals. Finsbury Park station is your nearest stop for Finsbury Park using London’s Underground Victoria Line.

When is the Wireless Festival 2017?

With the newly announced triple weekender, Wireless will run from July 1-3 for London Crystal Palace. The second weekend will run from July 8-10 at Birmingham and London’s Finsbury Park locations.

What artists are performing at Wireless Festival this year?

Cardi B, SZA, Nicki Minaj, Tyler the Creator, Dave, J.Cole and A$AP Rocky have been announced as major headliners at this year. But not content with a small party, Wireless has secured a number of festival exclusives with over 50 additional music artists to feature on line ups across the two weekends.