Can you call the ER ahead of time?

2. Have your doctor call ahead. If your physician believes you need urgent attention, he can pave the way for your arrival. “We actually have a “pre-expect” form we fill out about a patient and his condition when a doctor calls.

Should I call the ER?

You should call 911 or come right to the ER if you’re systemically sick – that’s when an illness affects your entire body, and you have severe pain or sudden onset of severe symptoms, a fever that won’t break, or “something doesn’t work,” like you’re unable to move an arm or leg or breathe normally.

Can you call someone in ER?

You can call the 911 emergency number. You can go to a hospital emergency room. Or, you can call your doctor for advice. Here’s a look at which choice is best.

Who greets you in an emergency room?

When you arrive at an emergency room, a registration clerk will greet you and ask how they can help. They will need your basic information to get you into the system for your electronic medical record. A registered nurse will then triage you, and decide where you fall in the line for care.

What do you do when you go to the ER?

First things first: In a true emergency, you need to stop what you are doing and call 911. If you are experiencing chest pain, weakness or numbness, a change in mental status, or the worst headache of your life, call an ambulance. When the situation is dire, the care needs to come to you.

Can you call the ER with questions?

Even if it’s after hours, you can call our 24-Hour Help Nurse line and they can answer your questions, assess your symptoms, and help you determine the best next step. We’re available 24/7 and ready to help during those moments when you’re not sure what to do. If you’re in a life-threatening situation, please call 911.

Can I call the emergency room to ask a question?

Having a Health Emergency? If your condition is life-threatening, call 911 or go the Emergency Room. Emergency care is covered at all times and in all places.

What to bring when going to the ER?

What to bring when you come to the hospital emergency room

  • Insurance cards.
  • The name of your doctor.
  • A list of all medications and supplements you are currently taking, and how much of each.
  • A list of any medicines to which you are allergic.
  • The name and phone number of any pharmacy used for your medications.

Can I take myself to the ER?

“You should never drive yourself if you are having severe chest pain or severe bleeding, if you feel like you might faint or if your vision is impaired. When in doubt, please call 911 — what matters most is that you get to the emergency room quickly and safely.”

Are ER doctors real doctors?

An ER Doctor is a residency trained and licensed physician with M.D. or D.O. degrees that is trained in Emergency Medicine (EM). They take care of emergent or acutely sick patients upon their first presentation to the hospital.

Where can I get an answer to a medical question?

Find answers to your medical questions with these five sites

  • HealthiNation. While some sites deliver articles of medical information, HealthiNation uses videos to inform you about what a condition is all about.
  • Livestrong.
  • Medpedia.
  • WebMD.
  • Wellsphere.