Can CLOVES syndrome be cured?

There is no cure for CLOVES syndrome, but experienced vascular anomaly specialists can manage or prevent symptoms with the right medical and surgical care.

What are the symptoms of CLOVES syndrome?

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of CLOVES Syndrome?

  • fatty tissue masses on the belly, back, or sides.
  • problems with feet and hands (large, wide hands and feet; large fingers or toes; unusual spacing between toes and fingers)
  • dilated veins (chest, arms, legs, and feet with a risk of blood clots)

What causes CLOVES syndrome?

Causes. CLOVES syndrome is a nonhereditary disorder caused by a somatic (body cell) mutation in a gene known as PIK3CA. Mutations in this growth regulatory gene result in two sets of cells within the body (mosaic status): those with the mutation and those without the mutation.

What is ICD 10 code for CLOVES syndrome?

ICD-10-CM Code for Congenital malformation syndromes involving early overgrowth Q87. 3.

How many people in the world have CLOVES syndrome?

There may be life-threatening problems due to the overgrowth pushing on vital organs or because the increased blood vessel growth can lead to heart failure. The syndrome affects about 150 people worldwide.

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How does a person get Proteus syndrome?

Causes. Proteus syndrome results from a mutation in the AKT1 gene. This genetic change is not inherited from a parent; it arises randomly in one cell during the early stages of development before birth. As cells continue to grow and divide, some cells will have the mutation and other cells will not.

What is Ellis Van Creveld syndrome?

Ellis-van Creveld syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects bone growth. Extra digits may be present as an isolated finding, or they may occur as part of a syndrome, in which case other abnormalities are usually present. Humans typically have 23 pairs of chromosomes, or 46 chromosomes in total.

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