Are there different types of lightsabers?

Most practitioners used one single-bladed lightsaber, though some used double-bladed lightsabers or even multiple lightsabers at once. Lightsaber combat was divided into seven Forms: Form I, Form II, Form III, Form IV, Form V, Form VI, and Form VII.

How many different lightsabers are there?

How Many Different Lightsabers are there? If you aren’t aware of what a lightsaber is, it’s a plasma blade powered by a kyber crystal. Lightsabers vary color depending on the wielder’s affinity to the force. As of now, there are 16 kinds of lightsabers recognized.

What different types of lightsabers mean?

Around 4000 BBY, lightsaber crystals were used to indicate a Jedi’s chosen class. Blue indicated a Jedi Guardian, a Jedi who used the Force on a more physical level. Green indicated a Jedi Consular, a Jedi who preferred to reflect on the mysteries of the Force and fight the dark side at its heart.

What is the best type of lightsaber?

Best official lightsabers

  • Galaxy’s Edge Legacy Lightsabers.
  • The Black Series Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber.
  • The Black Series Supreme Leader Kylo Ren Force FX Elite Lightsaber.
  • Hasbro Darth Vader FX Lightsaber.
  • Hasbro Bladebuilders Kylo Ren Lightsaber.
  • Hasbro Mandalorian Darksaber.
  • Official Disney Yoda Lightsaber.

Is a Darksaber a lightsaber?

An ancient lightsaber that serves as a powerful symbol of leadership to the Mandalorians, the Darksaber is a unique weapon with a black-energy blade lined with a crackling white edge.

Is there a white lightsaber?

It appears rarely in the Star Wars universe—so rarely, in fact, that the current canon recognizes only one carrier of a white lightsaber. Ahsoka Tano, the former Jedi Padawan who aided in the rebellion against the Galactic Empire, is acknowledged as the sole possessor of the white lightsaber.