Are there any TV channels in Western Australia?

There are 3 commercial free-to-air television stations and 2 government funded stations.

What is the best TV guide app for Australia?

Freeview brings you the best Australian television content for free. Watch your favourite shows, find new programs or plan your viewing using your TV remote or mobile device. Freeview makes it all easy. Freeview brings you the best Australian television content for free.

What channel is 7TWO on free-to-air?

channel 72
7TWO is a digital free-to-air channel on the Seven Network, found on channel 72.

What is on TV wa?

Supergirl. 12:00 AM.

  • The Village. 1:00 AM.
  • The Village. 2:00 AM.
  • Transformers: Cyberverse. 2:50 AM.
  • Power Rangers Dino Charge. 3:00 AM.
  • Thunderbirds. 3:30 AM.
  • Teen Titans Go! 4:30 AM.
  • Monkie Kid: Revenge of the Spider Queen. 4:50 AM.
  • What has happened to 7mate?

    On 29 February 2016, 7mate removes all children’s programming and moves to another digital channel 7flix and this channel replaces lifestyle fishing shows.

    What is free-to-air TV Australia?

    Australia. Australia has five major free-to-air networks: the two public broadcasting networks – ABC and SBS, and three commercial networks – Seven Network, Nine Network, and Network 10.

    What channel number is 72?


    Freeview Seven owned (virtual) 72/62
    Freeview Prime7/GWN7/SCTV (virtual) 62
    Freeview WIN Griffith NSW/Eastern SA (virtual) 66
    Streaming media

    How can I watch 7TWO on my TV?

    7TWO is a digital free-to-air channel on the Seven Network, found on channel 72.

    How can I get 7mate?

    To receive 7mate from 25 September, viewers will need to tune into channel 73 on an HD capable Digital TV, PVR or set top box. If you have an analogue television you will need to connect your old TV to an HD capable Digital set top box, PVR, or Digital recorder and tune in to channel 73.

    Is 7mate the same as 7two?

    7mate is an Australian free-to-air digital television multichannel, which was launched by the Seven Network on 25 September 2010….7mate.

    Owner Seven West Media
    Sister channels Channel 7 7HD 7two 7flix
    Launched 25 September 2010

    Which are the free-to-air channels?

    List of Some Latest Free-To-Air(FTA) Satellite TV Channels and Frequencies For Tracking Them

    • Apstar 76.5E (C-Band)
    • Nigerian MUX Now Available on Intelsat 33e at @ 60.0ºE.
    • Get all MBC Packages as FTA on Badr 4/5/6/7 & Es’hail 2 at 26.0°E.
    • ABS 3A @ 3° West.
    • Mega Choice at 29/30° East.
    • Eutelsat 7A/7B 7.0°E.

    Where has channel 83 gone Freeview?

    On Wednesday, 26th January 2022, Together TV will be found on Freeview channel 83. If you are a Freeview customer, you will see many channels will move on the 26th January and we want to make sure that you know where to find us still. To catch us on the new channel, you will need to retune your Freeview box.

    How many free to air channels are there in Australia?

    There are more than 35 Free to Air channels in Australia (also known as Freeview), a much higher number than just a few short years ago.

    What channel is 7TWO on free to air?

    What channel number is 7TWO HD?

    Launching last week, 7TwoHD is currently being broadcast in the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba markets on channel 63, and in other Seven Queensland regional markets on channel 73.