Are GAF shingles any good?

GAF is an award-winning brand. Not only have they won the Innovation Award for asphalt roofing shingles in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, but they also have been rated #1 in shingle quality by homebuilders in the last 9 out of 11 years.

How long do GAF architectural shingles last?

GAF Timberline HDZ Timberline HDZ roof shingles are covered for a lifetime (50 years). GAF HDZ shingles also protect your home against algae for 10 years.

Does GAF make impact resistant shingles?

GAF offers two great Impact- Resistant Shingles: Timberline® ArmorShield™ II and Grand Sequoia® IR. They provide the best combination of protection, beauty, and potential insurance savings for your home.

Are Timberline HD shingles Class 4?

Timberline® AS II SBS Modified IR Shingles combine all the beauty of Timberline® Shingles with UL 2218 Class 4 impact resistance. Their beauty is unlike any other, thanks to our proprietary shadow bands.

Are GAF shingles as good as Owens Corning?

GAF Warranties. One area GAF Timberline Shingles really surpass Owens Corning is in their outstanding warranty offers. They are both pretty even when it comes to the standard roofing warranty, with 25 year limited and lifetime warranties on just about every type of shingle.

Is CertainTeed better than GAF?

CertainTeed shingles are recommended, as workmanship and materials are a higher quality than with GAF. GAF Materials Corporation was founded in 1886. They merged with Elk in 2007, but continue to manufacture both Elk and GAF brands. They sell 15 types of shingles that vary in quality, composition, and price.

Do GAF shingles have fiberglass?

GAF shingles are made with fiberglass-mesh reinforced asphalt, offering three to five layers of protection, depending on the specific product line you choose.

Where are GAF shingles manufactured?

At GAF’s shingle manufacturing facility in Baltimore, Maryland there are several day-to-day responsibilities in addition to manufacturing, including materials planning, purchasing, and waste management, to name a few.

What does GAF stand for in shingles?

General Aniline & Film
GAF is an acronym for General Aniline & Film, which is the leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing materials in America. If you have a roof over your head, there’s a 1 in 4 chance that it was built with GAF’s materials.

Is Owens Corning better than GAF shingles?

What is a better shingle CertainTeed or GAF?

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Why LIBERTY ™ SBS Self‑Adhering Base/Ply Sheet? LIBERTY™ Systems are applied without torches, open flames, hot asphalt, or solvent-based adhesives and are suitable for many primed substrates.